visual c++ build tools的安装与使用,装没有whl的python包时的编译工具,提示Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required

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win10 + Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools 2015

The Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools installs only the command-line compiler, tools, and libraries you need to build C and C++ programs. It's perfect for build labs or classroom exercises and installs relatively quickly. To install only the command-line tools, download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools 2015.

The following tools can help you to build a C/C++ project on the command line.

1. CL

Use the compiler (cl.exe) to compile and link source code files into apps, libraries, and DLLs.

2. Link

Use the linker (link.exe) to link compiled object files and libraries into apps and DLLs.

3. MSBuild (Visual C++)

Use MSBuild (msbuild.exe) to build Visual C++ projects and Visual Studio solutions. This is equivalent to running the Build project or Build Solution command in the Visual Studio IDE.


Use DEVENV (devenv.exe) combined with a command-line switch—for example, /Build or /Clean—to perform certain build commands without displaying the Visual Studio IDE.


Use NMAKE (nmake.exe) to automate tasks that build Visual C++ projects by using a traditional makefile.